Lewis and Clark Confluence Tower
435 Confluence Tower Drive
- Hartford, IL 62048
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The Tower is handicap accessible.
All tours are by elevator
July 2013

Fireworks over the Confluence

7/3/2013 8:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Join the Tower for one of our largest fundraising events, Fireworks over the Confluence. Experience local fireworks displays away from the crowds and noise with this event Rent spots of each level to view the spectacular show. Fireworks over the Confluence will allow guests to view the fireworks of neighboring towns for a one-of-a-kind view. Note that the Tower will not have its own display.

Popcorn will be provided and visitors are encouraged to bring other snacks, coolers, and chairs. No alcohol or tables will be allowed.


Ticket for the events will be for these days:

Wednesday, July 3 for Alton Fireworks

Thursday, July 4 for Granite City and St. Louis Fireworks

Friday, July 5 for Grafton, Godfrey, St. Louis Fireworks


There are only 15 spots available on each level for each night. Tickets will be available to be purchased starting June 1. Tickets can be purchased over the phone or in the Tower's Visitors Center. Prices are as followed.

150 Feet- $20 per ticket

100 Feet- $15 per ticket

50 Feet- $10 per ticket

For more information:
Amy Curry, Tower Manager
(618) 251-9101

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For other happenings throughout the area, click here for a calendar of events or call the Alton Visitor Center at (618) 465-6676 or 1-800- ALTON-IL for more information.